Jason Markow
Jason Markow is a designer, writer, artist, and baker living in southern California.


Updated: October 28

My latest design. Available soon.

My latest design. Available soon.

(Inspired By Derek Sivers, this is a now page.
If you have a site
you should make one too.)

Alli and I have our hands full chasing our 9 month old around and we’re loving every minute of it.

The End Sheets I designed for Hank Green’s first novel ‘An Absolutely Remarkable Thing’ found a home inside the US and German editions! The book debuted at #1 on the NewYorkTimes Best Seller list. I’m incredibly honored to be a part of it.

I recently crossed paths with Dave Barton, founder of David Kind. We’re working on a few different projects and I’m excited to share more about each and every one of them soon!

Just locked down a new TEKST studio space with my friends at BLOC.
Excited to grow with them.

My first book has done well. I’m down to my final copies and expect to sell out during the annual TEKSTartist holiday sale.

My first Kickstarter will be launching sooooon. Really, really excited to share.

Books I'm currently reading: 

How To Fail At Almost Everything And Still Win Big by Scott Adams (Thanks for the recommendation Zach!)

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

A playlist I have on repeat:

Favorite Quote of the Moment:

“Out of breath, but never out of fight.”