Jason Markow
Jason Markow is a designer, writer, artist, and baker living in southern California.


Updated: March 1st

Lovebird Stickers are  here!

Lovebird Stickers are here!

(Inspired By Derek Sivers, this is a now page.
If you have a site
you should make one too.)

Alli and I have our hands full chasing our 13 month old around and we’re loving every minute of it. So much so in fact that kiddo numero dos will be arriving in June!

Max Stossel and I recently released this design created from the words in his poem ‘Subway Love’. If you’re unfamiliar with the piece this is a good place to see it.

My first Kickstarter (created in collaboration with Zach Smith, Tony Erickson, Tim Butler, and Clay Hebert will be launching this MONTH. Really, really excited to share.

I’ve been working with Dave Barton, founder of David Kind. Earlier this year I produced this video for his company. Now we’re working on a new podcast as well as something super special. Much more on that soon!

I’m currently have murals scheduled to go up in Carlsbad (at BLOC) and a little down the road in Encinitas.

Books I'm currently reading: 

Dune by Frank Herbert

A playlist I have on repeat:

Favorite Quote of the Moment:

“Don’t die with your song still inside you.” - Wayne Dyer