Jason Markow
Jason Markow is a designer, writer, artist, and baker living in southern California.


Updated: June 9th

 Space Traveler at Steady State

Space Traveler at Steady State

(Inspired By Derek Sivers, this is a now page. If you have a site you should make one too.)

I'm a Dad! My son Jack entered the world here on February 1st. He's already got us cracking up, sleep deprived, and so damn grateful. 

I recently completed a mural at the all new Steady State Roasting Company in Carlsbad, CA. Easily one of my favorites to date. 

My first book just finished production! The pre-sale was a huge success and it's now in production. It's 160 page hard cover, hand signed, limited edition, and was six years in the making. 

I donated over a hundred prints to the last Project For Awesome. Every print sold bringing in over $11,000 for charity!

The VlogBrothers asked me to create two new shirt designs for DFTBA. They are up for grabs on the site, but have not been officially announced. ;)

Books I'm currently reading: 

When - Dan Pink

Night Sky with Exit Wounds - Ocean Vuong

How to get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia - Mohsin Hamid


Album I have on repeat:

Favorite Quote of the Moment:

"It's chaos, be kind." - Inspired by Patton Oswalt's Netflix special Annihilation. I wrote about it at length here.