Jason Markow
Jason Markow is a designer, writer, artist, and baker living in southern California.


Updated: February 15th

 This is Jack.

This is Jack.

(Inspired By Derek Sivers, this is a now page. If you have a site you should make one too.)

I'm a Dad! My son Jack entered the world here on February 1st. He and Alli are both happy and healthy. He's already got us cracking up, sleep deprived, and so damn grateful. 

My first book is in production! The pre-sale was a huge success and it's now in production. It's 160 page hard cover, hand signed, limited edition, and was six years in the making. 

I donated over a hundred prints to the last Project For Awesome. Every print sold bringing in over $11,000 for charity!

Mason Ale Works and I are still working on a new mural (and special edition TEKST beer release!)

The VlogBrothers asked me to create two new shirt designs for DFTBA. They are up for grabs on the site, but have not been officially announced. ;)

Poet Max Stossel and I are creating a new piece based off his award winning Subway Love.

Alli and I have worked to pass as much responsibility for FoodieFolk to the crew as we learn to become parents. They have been holding down the fort like champions.

Books I'm currently reading: 

Album I have on repeat:

Favorite Quote of the Moment:

"It's chaos, be kind." - Inspired by Patton Oswalt's Netflix special Annihilation. I wrote about it at length here.